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Caliper Garage

Deluxe String Alignment Kit

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$63.95 USD
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$79.95 USD
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$63.95 USD

With this kit and some inexpensive tubing from your local hardware store, you’ll be able to measure toe and thrust angle on almost any car at home. Plastic parts are 3D printed from extremely durable plastic, and should last years. Everything is covered by the Caliper Garage Guarantee

What’s Included:

  • Four universal vehicle hooks to hang the alignment tool from your car.

  • Eight connection blocks to connect the alignment pipes.

  • Six tubing pads to protect your paint.

  • 40’ of high-quality brightly colored alignment string.

  • Two plumb bobs to keep the string taught.

  • An extremely accurate alignment ruler.

  • 20 thumb screws to secure your tubing. 

  • Complete instructions explaining how to measure your car's alignment. 

What Else is Required to Measure Toe and Thrust Angle:

  • 3/4” OD tubing

Please note that you’ll still need a camber gauge to measure camber.

PLA+ material will start to deform at approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ll be storing your kit in direct sunlight for extended periods on warm days, we recommend choosing PETG, which has a higher temperature tolerance.

Like all 3D-printed parts, these kits are not perfect cosmetically. Layer lines and minor imperfections will be visible.

Customer Reviews

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Jared Still
This is a great setup for the DIY alignment shop. aka "your garage"

Somehow I could just never spend the $600 for a string alignment setup.
My previous setup is also DIY and consist for surplus store camera suction mounts, some threaded rod, nuts and string.
That is how the current alignment was done, and it worked well.

There are also Longacre Turnplates (must have), Longacre Camber/Caster gauge and Intercomp scales. All of those were found used on Craigslist.

But the string setup was still lusted after, but, $600. It wasn't the money that bothered me, it was the fact that I just didn't see $600 there.

So then I learned of this setup from Caliper Garage, and ordered the ABS kit.

Rather than using metal tubing, 0.75 inch poplar dowel was used. light, cheap, and I'm less likely to damage the car with it.

All dowels were 4 ft, and cut as needed. The long pieces that traverse the width of the car are connected with PVC.

Everything was assembled, and clamp positions marked. The dowels were all stained to help prevent warpage.

The whole kit fits into a 5 ft piece of 4 inch (new) ABS sewer pipe.

If I could post pics, I would.

All told, I spent about $200 total for everything. Dowels are cheap, 4 inch ABS pipe is not.